I kind of get why Jalopnik is excited in theory. But at 2.75 inches longer how is this brake practical? (cant call it shooting with that little power)

The point of the power wagon is performance and fucntion. I dont see how this has either.

If I read this correctly, as is it's basically an uglier/heavier version of the BRZ, with more weight over the rear wheels and a CVT, so its less fun. This is a GREAT IDEA?

Personally I think this should be 27.5 inches longer, with suicide rear doors (4door function/2 door look), a turbo boxer engine (+300Hp), a symetetrical all wheel drive system (with a RWD / Locking Rear dif mode) and a 6 speed manual.

It's just a shame Subaru or Toyota doesnt have access to any of those things in production already.

oh wait...